General Special Collections

While Harvard continues with remote instructions, the Library's Special Collections and Archives are ready to help you plan remote sessions, activities, and access to digitized materials.

The Special Collections and Archives in the Harvard Library are incredibly wide-ranging. Courses and students in all disciplines can benefit from materials in many distinct repositories. Our expert staff is thrilled to collaborate on bringing engaging activities and materials from across the Harvard Library for your courses. Especially if you aren't sure about which repository might best serve your needs, this General Special Collections group can help you design and conduct class sessions that draw from expertise and materials across the whole Library.

The class When Novels Were New was recently taught by General Special Collections staff.



Staff Services

  • Assistance with presentation of materials in class
  • Assistance with selection of materials
  • Introduction to Archives and Special Collections Research

Technology Available

  • Document Camera

Administrative Information

  Class limit: (none)

The General Special Collections does not have a publicly available calendar. When making a request, please submit with your preferred times and a staff member will get back to you.