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Materials Collection

St. Mary's Cathedral from the Kenzo Tange Archive, Gift of Mrs. Takako Tange, 2011

Materials Collection

Introduction to Archival Research workshop - Fall 2019

Introduction to Archival Research workshop - Fall 2019


  • Archival Collections The Archival Collections at GSD consist of primary source materials that further academic research in the design fields both within the GSD and beyond Harvard University. These materials, individually and collectively, offer engaging documentation of design history, theory, and practice.
  • Le Corbusier Research Collection The Le Corbusier Research Collection at the Harvard Graduate School of Design is held in the Frances Loeb Library's Special Collections. The collection was established when the library was dedicated in 1972, and consists primarily of printed materials by and about Le Corbusier (1887-1965)
  • Rare Book Collection The Rare Book Collection at GSD includes publications that, as defined by the Art and Architecture Thesaurus, are "valuable due to their actual or prospective rarity, and are distinguished by an early publication date, limited issue, historical interest, or a special characteristic of the edition or binding."
  • Materials Collection The GSD Materials Collection, housed in the Frances Loeb Library's Special Collections, is a collection of material samples.
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    • Assistance with presentation of materials in class
    • Assistance with selection of materials
    • Bibliography of materials used in class
    • Pre-class planning appointment
    • Ongoing reference assistance for students interested in using collections for course assignments
    • Introduction to Archives and Special Collections Research

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